Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera

In a couple of months, Samsung is set to introduce the new Galaxy S22 flagship series. There will be three variants: the vanilla Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The Ultra model could be called the Samsung Galaxy S22 Note as an official replacement of the Galaxy Note series. The South Korean tech giant has been making a number of changes in its strategies. It seems the Galaxy Note is one of the few casualties. But for those people who can’t live without the S-Pen, the Galaxy S Ultra may be enough.

The camera setup of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is particularly an interesting subject. We have mentioned a lot of information about it the past few months. Early renders showed a waterdrop camera design. Another showed a P-shaped camera module.

The main camera could only be 108MP and not 200MP as earlier mentioned. The different camera and frame design may be be expected. The 10x zoom camera is also possible.

The camera software will be upgraded as per our source. Looking at the code of the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera app, a new feature has been sighted. A “Detail enhancer” is a new feature that will take advantage of the 108MP camera sensor to enhance the details of an image.

It is possible the macro feature will be an additional 108MP shooting mode to the Samsung Camera app. There is no mention though how the enhancement will be done but high quality macro shots are expected to be the result. It was mentioned it may be a Galaxy S22 Ultra/Galaxy S22 Note exclusive feature for a while before being added to other flagship phones with 108MP camera.


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