Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Concept

Samsung’s next ultimate flagship phone model will be the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It follows the Galaxy S21 Ultra from earlier this year. We can look forward to the camera because it will be more advanced than ever. One camera is said to get up to 10x optical zoom plus two telephoto cameras almost similar to what was used on the previous Ultra variant. It still is a few months before the new Galaxy S phones are announced so expect more details and images will surface.

Much has been said about the series. We mentioned the Samsung Galaxy S22+ may be powered by a smaller battery. The phone series might mostly use Snapdragon 898 chipset. The Galaxy S22 may also use a 50MP RGBW image sensor.

The device has been said to come with two telephoto cameras. That looks like it’s happening again. Both cameras may also use a 10MP sensor. Instead of 3X zoom, it may even be better.

The three Galaxy S22 variants will differ in many ways. Most people will probably just look at the cameras especially if they are into mobile photography. Definitely, the Ultra variant will have the most advanced specs.

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ will come with 50MP and 12MP wide-angle plus a 10MP selfie camera. As for the periscope lens, there may be upgrades as well but we’re not sure if it will be stepless. We’re no longer expecting that 200MP camera and ToF sensor but you know, anything can change especially with Samsung.


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