PUBG Mobile VS Fortnite

August is when new flagships are arriving and the upcoming IFA 2018 tech event is happening in Berlin but for the serious gamers, it’s the month when PUBG and Fortnite bring new energy to the Android gaming community. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the PUBG Mobile is now available on the Play Store in some regions while Fortnite Android beta for other devices is also now ready from Epic Games. Fortnite isn’t available in the Google Play Store as you can only download the game from the company website.

Fortnite has been around for some time on iOS but it’s only this year that it’s ready on Android. We learned that it wouldn’t be available through the Play Store but only through Epic Games’ official website. Definitely, you can’t get it from any fake site either.

Before the official launch, a Fortnite Mobile for Android video was leaked. The game first was released exclusively to Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 owners. Other mobile devices can now have Fortnite Battle Royale.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile hit the Play Store back in March. The July update brought clans, new ‘War Mode’, and a new sniper rifle.

It seems PUBG Mobile is THE game to play and beat as it keeps on improving. Unfortunately for Fortnite, it’s not yet ready for all Android users. We know some people still waiting for the game to be ready. And for lucky ones that already got to start their Fortnite adventure, several issues and problems have been experienced starting with those clickbait videos and ads.

Epic Games isn’t at fault if we’re going to talk about the fake ads and websites but we’re interested to know about some of the issues including Fortnite’s Rifts being temporarily disabled, some performance issues, possible ban of Fortnite Android modders, some bugs on beta (fixed), and that bug giving players unlimited shields.

It seems Epic Games really needs to focus on improving Fortnite if it wants to keep the current players and attract new ones across different devices and even platforms. It needs to keep up with Tencent Games since PUBG Lite is even giving mid-range Android phones their turn, a three-month-long update campaign, more War Zones/clan icons/new achievements, and even custom matches becoming available to all.

VIA: XDA Developers