So we have to accept that Fortnite may be one of the biggest game franchises on the planet these days. What PUBG is to us, Fortnite is for kids 18 and below. Apparently, the same crowd that made Minecraft a worldwide phenomenon is the same one that is powering Fortnite to be one of the most-played games on PC and consoles. Sadly, it isn’t on Android yet, but that hasn’t stopped malicious humans on the internet from trying to fool kids into downloading a fake app, most likely with malware in it.

Fortnite is big, whether we realize it or not. And most users of the hugely successful battle royale type game are kids 18 and below who grew up with devices tethered to them. The animated approach to the game’s visuals appeal more to that age group, while PUBG – the other popular battle royale game – retains more of the realistic approach to its visuals. This is why PUBG appeals more to the older gamer crowd.

A week ago, a thread in Reddit pointed out that an advertised YouTube video for “Fortnite Android” was showing up on the front page of many YouTube users. Of course, one had to download and install a number of other apps to be able to play said game. The truth is that Fortnite has not been released for Android yet, and most internet savvy gamers would see through the guise – this was a scam and probably installed malware on your Android device.

The problem was that the age group of Fortnite users made sure that the ad – now take down – would have been seen by a lot of kids and some would have naively followed the instructions on the video. We repeat – there is no Fortnite app for Android yet, and we will be announcing that when it arrives. It seems only a matter of time before that happens, but as of now, Fortnite for Android DOES NOT EXIST.

Don’t believe in the phony ads and videos, you will probably be getting your device infected with malware if you follow those ads. So consider yourself warned.