Fortnite Mobile on Android gameplay

It’s been a crazy half-year of Note 9 rumors and leaks. We probably know all there is to know about the next-gen premium flagship phablet from the South Korean tech giant. In a few hours, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 9. We’re excited to confirm most of the details about it but we know a lot of gamers are more excited for that one game coming exclusively to the device. Samsung has teamed up with Epic Games to launch Fortnite for Android which will be exclusive to the Note 9 for one whole month. That’s something to look forward to if you’re both a hard-core gamer and a loyal Samsung fan.

Fortnite will be available soon to other Android phones but exclusivity is what makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 more special. Of course, there are improvements on the specs and features but having the popular game on your phone before the rest of the world gets it has some novelty.

Fortnite Mobile on Android will be ready at launch. Rumor has it exclusivity may even stretch to three months but we don’t think Epic Games will take the risk while the game is already hot. Then again, we have a feeling the game will be leaked and some genius devs will find a way around it.

An installer APK for the Fortnite Mobile on Android has been available the past few days. It offers a preview of the software and hardware requirements. There’s also a glimpse of Samsung Galaxy Apps integration plus the 5.2 patch. Some XDA developers managed to bypass authentication requirements for the game and were able to play and even record the gameplay.

The game runs on a Google Pixel 2 XL here. That is clearly not a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 so yes, we believe it’s possible to port the game into other Android devices as long as minimum requirements are met.

VIA: XDA Developers