Saturday has arrived once again and that means another look back at the week in Android. We saw announcements coming from a wide variety this week. The list included everyone from Google and Facebook, to T-Mobile, OnePlus and more. And along with the news, we also had a few highlights coming from the Android Community team.

Google Glass continued getting attention. This week we saw Kit Kat rollout and Google also opened the Explorer program which allowed those without an invitation to spend $1,500. There was also a bit about Google shipping dummy Glass units out to hopeful Explorers so they could see what they would look like without having to dent the credit card. Of course, we jumped in on the Google Glass fun and shared five of our favorite IFTTT recipes.


There was more on the OnePlus One, but as we’ve been seeing teasers for some time — that come with little in terms of surprise. The talk included pricing and availability, the invite system and even some sample images. Naturally, we are curious to see how this will all go down. Remember, the OnePlus One will be arriving on April 23rd.

We took a first look at the Verizon Galaxy S5, and then offered a walkthrough of the camera app. Our friends at SlashGear reviewed the Galaxy S5 and the Gear Fit.

Last but certainly not least, JC had a solid piece about storage — cloud vs. local, which was spurred after a team piece we ran last weekend. Speaking of team posts, we have another coming up and this time we are taking about how we spend our offline time.