Interested in trying Glass on, but not willing to drop $1,500 for the opportunity? Unless you know someone with the nascent headwear, you won’t have much luck. If you previously let Google know you were interested in Glass, check your email — they may be reaching out.


Some potential Glass users are noting they’re receiving emails from the Glass team at Google, letting them know there is a “try it out” program. Google is willing to send potential Glass owners all four colors of the headwear for a $50 hold on their credit card. Don’t get too excited, though — it’s not really Glass.

What is being offered are returned units that have been stripped of all the good stuff. Much like sitting in a car with no engine, the Glass team is sending out dummy units so you can try them on, try them out, and decide if Glass looks right on you. There is no interface, and users won’t get the chance to see just how Glass may actually benefit them. they will, however, get to match it to the right belt or jacket.

This is the latest step in Google testing the retail waters, just as they did with their mysterious tax day sale. Though Google notes that “all spots were filled”, they give no data as to how many units of Glass were actually sold. This move is likely another step to see just how viable retail is for Glass. We’ll be interested to see if anyone gets beaten up or pulled over for wearing dummy Glass.

Update: Google reached out to us with a statement on the matter, confirming the move:

We’ve heard from potential Explorers that they’d love to be able to try Glass on at home before committing to purchase it. As a result, we’re doing outreach to a small group to see how this approach works. We’ll let you know if this experiment continues.


Via: TechCrunch


    • No they don’t. I have reached out to them multiple times and can’t get an answer whether they are going to do it or not, either.

  1. It would be nice if they had the opposite sort of offer. Instead just sell the Glass guts for developers that would never be caught wearing them!


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