The KitKat update for Google Glass has begun rolling out, making a big leap to XE16. Prior to this update, the XE listing was at 12.1, so Google has sidestepped the norm once again and numbered an update as they see fit. The update brings quite a few changes as well, so Glass owners should get ready for this one.

KitKat will act like a back-end solution to Glass, and won’t be as noticeable as we find on our smartphones and tablets. The biggest change may be media, where Glass will now bundle photos and video in an array when scrolling through timelines. Glass users can also reply to Hangouts messages using photos now, either taken in the moment or from their timeline.

The “Ok, Glass” command will now display your most used commands first, which should help those who use a few features often. With an expansive list of commands, it could be easy to confuse what you’re trying to do with what you just said. Video calls will be going away, though, which Google says has to do with video quality rather than any user issues.

If you have Glass, the update is rolling out now. If you don’t have Glass, you can still purchase it for a few more hours via the Glass website. KitKat, with it’s piecemeal take on Android, is a natural fit for Glass, so we’ll be interested to see just how much the headwear improves with this update.