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Google+ rolling out huge update to its Android app

The Google crew has been rather busy this holiday season, and they are wrapping things up with a nice update to Google+. The update adds all kinds of slick features to its Android application and it definitely a nice little holiday present from the Google+ team. The update is scheduled to hit Google Play later today, and as of this writing, it is still showing the app as last updated on November 14.

Nexus 10 magnetic Pogo charger spotted in the wild

Nexus 10 owners might be getting a cool new way to charge their devices. A new Pogo charger has been shown by a forum user on Android Central, and this charger looks quite a bit more convenient. It comes hooks onto the phone using magnets, which makes hooking the phone up a little easier and faster. It's similar in function to the MagSafe chargers you will find on a MacBook.

EE carrying Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE and Google Nexus 7 tablets

EE, the UK wireless carrier, has announced that it is bringing two new tablets to its customers starting today. Two of the most popular tablets on the market are available on EE. First, we have the Galaxy Note 10.1. For people who want a little smaller tablet, EE has you covered with Google's Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 comes with a Huawei E589 mobile Wi-Fi dongle allowing it to access the Internet on the go.

EE confirms plans to rollout LTE to 17 more UK locations

EE has just confirmed its plans to rollout high-speed mobile data to 17 more UK towns and cities by March 2013. In addition to adding new locations, EE is working to improve coverage in existing LTE areas. EE says 4G density is "being increased on a daily basis." EE is also working to improve its 3G network to support DC-HSPA, which will improve things for users who do not have 4G devices or are in an area where 4G has not rolled out.

Bump app gets update with ability to share any file

Bump is one of the coolest ways to share stuff from your phone to another device. All you need to do is literally Bump your device against another one and you can send photos in an instant. They even added the ability to send files to your computer by simply visiting its website and Bumping your phone against your spacebar. It's some really cool technology, and it just received a new update on Google Play that makes the app even better. to kill its Radio features in most countries next month

Things seem to be not going so well for, and as such, it is killing off its Radio feature in most of the countries that it services. This means that users outside of the selected countries will no longer be able to use the Android app to play their favorite tunes. This also applies to using on other platforms such as in browser or on other mobile platforms.

6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumored for 2013

If the plus-sized Galaxy Note II was not big enough for you, the next iteration of the device is set to be even larger, according to sources in Korea. The Galaxy Note III looks like it could have a massive 6.3-inch display when it hits the market in 2013. If the report from the Korean Times is to be believed, it looks like Samsung is going to be pushing what we thought was the limit for the size of an OLED on a smartphone.
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