One of the more interesting Android devices is the Samsung Galaxy Camera. There is a constant influx of tablets and phones hitting the market all the time, but a full-featured camera with Android installed; that’s something you don’t see everyday. Verizon made the release date of the Galaxy Camera known a couple of days ago, and now the device is available from the carrier.

With the Verizon version of the Galaxy Camera, you get actual 4G data speeds, whereas AT&T offers HSPA+ speeds. This will let you upload those high-resolution photos to your social networks in the blink of eye. The device certainly does not come with a cheap price tag. Verizon has it listed for $549, but of course, it does not come with any kind of contract, so the price is not subsidized at all.

AT&T has the device listed on its website for $499. However, with Verizon you get a cheaper data plan, so that should make up for the extra cost over the long haul. You can add the camera to your Share Everything Data plan for just $5 a month, which is quite reasonable.

The Galaxy Camera is available both in store and on Verizon’s website. Make sure to check out our detailed review for a full breakdown of what the camera has to offer. It’s available now in the standard Pearl White as well as Verizon exclusive black.


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