Samsung is consistently updating its devices to Jelly Bean. The company may not be pushing 4.2 to its devices, but it still doing a better job of bringing Jelly Bean goodness to its devices than most companies, especially when you consider the large amount of devices Samsung offers. Well, Samsung is bringing Jelly Bean 4.1 to WiFi Galaxy Note 10.1 devices in Germany and keeping its update momentum going.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 with WiFi will be getting Android 4.1.1 on the device. Reports are coming out that device owners in Germany are receiving the coveted notification on their device that a new OTA update is available. This is certainly good news for device owners in the region, and it should make their tablets even better.

We have not heard whether this update will make its way to other regions besides Germany. It seems logical that Samsung would push this update to other regions, especially to device owners who have tablets without carrier restrictions. Time will tell if we see this spreads around the world, and hopefully it does.

Device owners with the tablet will get features such as Project Butter, which smooths operation on the device and makes everything run faster. It also adds Google Now, which helps personalize the device and helps users make it their own. If you are a Galaxy Note 10.1 owner, make sure to check your tablet, as the update should be ready to go.

[via XDA]