Football Manager is the best desktop program for managing a football (soccer) club. Last year, the franchise made its way to Android for the first time, and now the franchise is back again, this time in the form of Football Manager Handheld 2013. It comes with a fairly high price tag of the $9.99, but for hardcore football fans, the amount of gameplay it offers should counteract the high cost.

The odd part about the release is the inclusion of in-app purchases, even in spite of the high cost of entry. The in-app purchases are mostly designed to help speed things along. So like real life, you can throw down a little cash and build your team a little quicker. You can get everything out of the game without throwing down an extra money, it’s more just to streamline, which makes the additional purchases easier to stomach.

Of course, there is other new stuff in the game besides the inclusion of in-app purchases. It adds additional leagues such as those of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Obviously, all the rosters have been updated, so your favorite players will be on the correct team, but by the very nature of the game, those rosters will changing as you play.

The update also improves things such as media, player photos, player comparisons and form updates. MLS is not included in the game, so American soccer fans will have to run their team from another place around the world. The new game is available now on Google Play, and it looks like a good one for the hardcore football fans out there.

[via AndroidCentral]