Update your T-Mobile G1 from a MicroSD card

A member of our Android Community (lgsilvaas), has just found instructions showing how to update your G1 without getting the over-the-air update. All you need is a MicroSD card to update to the new RC29 firmware. Many of our users still have not seen a single update, many of them very impatient. For those who are just too impatient to wait and are feeling brave this is a good instructions are as follows: Warning, this is for informational purposes only. You may brick your phone and loose all of your personal data. We at android community are not responsible for any loss sustained by this process. If you have any question about doing this, don't even try it. 
  • Download the update from google website: https://android.clients.google.com/u...-RC19+RC28.zip
  • Rename the file you just downloaded to update.zip
  • Copy the file update.zip to the root of your micro sd card.
  • Now turn off your phone and turn it back on while holding the home key.
  • When you see a triangle with a exclamation sign and a phone, slide open your keyboard and press ALT-L to display the menu and then ALT-S to start the update process.
  • Wait for the update to finish. If prompted, press Home + Back to restart your phone.
  • Wait a little bit more and done!
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T-Mobile G1 gets dissected

Many people have had their T-Mobile G1 for a week now and the honeymoon state has yet to wear off. We have been dying to see what is inside of this HTC but far too in love with it to tear it open. Luckily the fearless guys over at TechOn tore it open before they grew attached. The G1 is made up of several components making it hard to reassemble. One thing that we really did not expect was the different color of the casing. It is actually white on the inside, suggesting that the G1 is coated with a paint or plastic of some kind. What does not make sense to us is the rumors that the white G1 was not sold because of the paint chipping. If the device casing is white, why paint it to begin with? They have a picture that shows the G1’s antenna and GPS antenna which is made up of two separate pieces. The pictures also show a little glimpse of how the slider is constructed. One thing that TechOn stated was that the roll ball is the same as RIM’s BlackBerry roll ball. One other thing that they discovered is a second rumble pack on the inside. With all these shots of the G1 dissected, has anyone gained the confidence to go home and crack theirs open? [Via TechOn] [gallery]

Android gets its first emulator Androidboy

Androidboy brings mobile emulators to the Android only days after launch. This is perfect for those who cannot put old video games to rest. As of right now it is has 10 pre-loaded games for you to try, none of which are ones that you will probably recognize.

Androidboy not only supports games for the original Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color. Androidboy is now available for download from Android Market for free, we don't suspect it will ever be a paid application be cause of the nature of the application. We have been waiting for just such an emulator to see just how powerful the G1 really is.  Go ahead and break out that old Pokemon, Kirby’s Dreamland or Super Mario Land ROM and download it directly to your memory card. The bottons are actually not very user friendly being all the way in the corners of the screen, but as every first emulator on a platform, it will only get better with time. Android is passing all of the milestones that the iPhone has but way earlier on. This is another application that proves Google is not regulating the applications that are in the Android Market, the fact that it made it all the way to the android Market speaks volumes. Android is one step ahead of Apples iPhone with this release. Do you think we will see a Playstation emulator soon?

T-Mobile G1 launches in the UK

Today was a huge day for Android in the United Kingdom as hundred of people lined up in front of T-Mobile stores awaiting the launch of the T-Mobile G1. A T-Mobile spokeswoman said the first lines started to form around 5AM outside the T-mobile shop on Oxford Street in London. Residents of the UK will be getting the T-Mobile G1 for free, with a £40-a-month contract. One customer that was first in line stated, “Being the first person in the UK to own this mobile phone is amazing - I'm going to be popular at work! I've been waiting for this phone for months and I knew I had to be the first to own it." The differences in the G1 launch here in the US as opposed to the launch in the UK are very few. In the UK the G1 is only available in Black and White where as in the US the colors available are Bronze and Black. There is still no explanation to why the colors were launched as they were. Aside from offering the G1 for free in the UK, you will also be getting a 2GB microSD card in place of the 1GB the US customers received.

No Motorola Android till next Christmas

Motorola is making a lot of huge changes in their mobile business. Motorola plans to incorporate an Android-powered handset into their new lineup of several high-end and mid-level phones.  The question that is on everyone’s mind is when? We have read reports that Motorola is expanding their Android development team from 50 to 350. The most recent report saying that we would be seeing an Android-powered Motorola phone as early as first quarter 2009.  Co-CEO Sajay Jha, said on this mornings Q3 earnings call, that it wont be seen till next Christmas season. That is a lot later than anyone had anticipated. In the mean time Motorola plans to be releasing smartphones running Windows Mobile platform including all new models in the second half of 2009.  With a substantial loss in Q3, Motorola plans to take a step back with its cell phone market, canceling several models, including those running Nokia’s Symbian OS and its own Linux-Java platform. [Via AlleyInsider]

T-Mobile G1 gets update after much delay

T-Mobile has finally released their new update (RC29) to the public. This version apparently has the Browser patch that was missing on the RC28 version which was sent out on Friday. It appears that not everyone has received this update yet.

Today we received this update early in the morning, however it was not in the form of a text message as everyone had been reporting.  We simply opened the device and there was a notification telling you that a system update is available. It also notifies you that while the phone is updating you cannot make emergency calls for those of you planning one. The update process is fairly quick, just select Update Now. The phone then proceeds to reset itself, upon rebooting you will see a screen with a box, arrow and a phone.  Under this picture you see a loading bar that is present for the bulk of the update. After it is finished loading the update, you will see a chip and phone picture.  After a few moments the phone will then reset itself one last time and you will experience the longest boot-up our G1 will ever have.  We have not yet experienced any notable difference with this update. How many of you have already received this update? [gallery]

T-Mobile G1 sighted at Wal-Mart!

There's now living proof that Wal-Mart will be offering the T-Mobile G1.  Android Community member alpinestar snapped a couple of shots of printed material along with a dummy unit of the G1 at a local Wal-Mart.  We'd speculated that Wal-Mart would start selling the G1 today, but it looks like we might be a couple of days off.

According to the picture, there's still no price info yet.  Earlier when I emailed T-Mobile inquiring about the G1 being sold at Wal-Mart, I was told that it's still a rumor and T-Mobile isn't commenting.

If the rumors are to be correct, Wal-Mart will sell the G1 for $148.88, which is over $30 cheaper.  I have to wonder how existing owners of the G1 will feel about all this.  I guess that's a price they pay for being early adopters.

First Twitter application Twidroid lands in Android Market

Thomas Marban, the guy behind Popurls, has created the first Twitter application for Android, Twidroid. The name may be slightly odd but it is hard to confuse with the purpose of the application. This application became available in the Android Market last Monday for free. We have been playing around with it for a few days now and it really has everything that you need in a Twitter application. However viewing links still takes you out of the application itself and into the Browser, and using this application will actually add Twidroid to the list of people you are following by default. Twidroid still offers all of the functions that you need in a Twitter application such as postings, replies and direct messages, user detail information, follow/unfollow a user, and directly integrated photo-posting from camera. We predict this is the first Twitter application of many to come, eventually it will come down to which application has more to offer. We would love to see a Twitter application such as Twinkle come to android in the future. Do any of you have specific Twitter applications that you would like to see for Android? [gallery]

T-Mobile G1 unlock possible; Android Community celebrates with giveaway

The first T-Mobile G1 has been unlocked thanks to the guys over at Unlock-TMobileG1.com. In honor of this we will be giving away 3 unlock codes for the T-mobile G1 in a community contest.  This contest is open to any registered Android Community member. Unlocking the G1 is very quick and easy, in fact anyone who can make a phone call can unlock their G1 with no trouble at all. Unlock-TMobileG1.com offers unlock codes for $22.99 USD. After placing an order including your IMEI code you will receive an eight-digit unlock code for your device.  Your IMEI number can be found by pressing *#06# in the dialer, or by going into your settings, selecting “About phone” and then selecting “Status”. The IMEI number then can be found about half way down, it is 15 digits long. After you receive your unlock code you insert a non-T-Mobile SIM card and the G1 will prompt for an unlock code, enter the unlock code provided to you and hit unlock. You will then know the device is unlocked with a notification that reads “Network Unlock Successful”, it is as simple as that. We have found that with an AT&T SIM card the device would make and receive calls as well as send and receive text messages. Upon switching the SIM cards, the Gmail account was automatically signed out, when we entered the correct log in information it still would not log in. Needless to say the Android Market did not work either due to the fact that the Gmail account is needed. However this does not mean that it will not work, all tests have been done with the default network operator settings.  We want to thank our sponsors over at http://www.unlock-tmobileg1.com/ for helping sponsoring this contest. To enter our contest, members must submit a photo showing their loyalty to Android Community in a creative way.  Some examples are: putting an Android Community logo on their car, wearing the AC shirt at a large event, carving an Android Community sculpture or even if you are fearless, getting an Android Community tattoo.  More information can be found here. A user has sent over this video for us that demonstrates that the unlocking process actually works. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob32_fp24ag[/youtube]

T-Mobile G1 update pulled because of security flaw

The other day we covered a story about the T-Mobile G1 update that was on TmoNews. We had originally reported that the update would be released to the public soon after they received their phone. Distribution of the new update (RC28) was stopped on Friday afternoon after Google identified/confirmed a security issue with the browser that allowed for unwanted attacks on users. This security flaw would potentially allow others to install a keystroke recorder within the browser that would give out usernames, passwords, and even credit card numbers that are input in the G1. In the end, Google decided to rebuild the existing update with a patch that fixes the issue and redistribute it as update RC29. The new update was released yesterday at about 4PM Pacific time, October 27th, which explains why many users did not receive the update this weekend. For those who did manage to get the RC28 update you will be prompted to upgrade to the RC29 update. Special thanks to matthewboii for bringing this to our attention! [Via TmoNews]
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