T-Mobile has finally released their new update (RC29) to the public. This version apparently has the Browser patch that was missing on the RC28 version which was sent out on Friday. It appears that not everyone has received this update yet.

Today we received this update early in the morning, however it was not in the form of a text message as everyone had been reporting.  We simply opened the device and there was a notification telling you that a system update is available. It also notifies you that while the phone is updating you cannot make emergency calls for those of you planning one.

The update process is fairly quick, just select Update Now. The phone then proceeds to reset itself, upon rebooting you will see a screen with a box, arrow and a phone.  Under this picture you see a loading bar that is present for the bulk of the update. After it is finished loading the update, you will see a chip and phone picture.  After a few moments the phone will then reset itself one last time and you will experience the longest boot-up our G1 will ever have.  We have not yet experienced any notable difference with this update. How many of you have already received this update?