Androidboy brings mobile emulators to the Android only days after launch. This is perfect for those who cannot put old video games to rest. As of right now it is has 10 pre-loaded games for you to try, none of which are ones that you will probably recognize.

Androidboy not only supports games for the original Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color. Androidboy is now available for download from Android Market for free, we don’t suspect it will ever be a paid application be cause of the nature of the application. We have been waiting for just such an emulator to see just how powerful the G1 really is.  Go ahead and break out that old Pokemon, Kirby’s Dreamland or Super Mario Land ROM and download it directly to your memory card.

The bottons are actually not very user friendly being all the way in the corners of the screen, but as every first emulator on a platform, it will only get better with time. Android is passing all of the milestones that the iPhone has but way earlier on. This is another application that proves Google is not regulating the applications that are in the Android Market, the fact that it made it all the way to the android Market speaks volumes. Android is one step ahead of Apples iPhone with this release. Do you think we will see a Playstation emulator soon?


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