Thomas Marban, the guy behind Popurls, has created the first Twitter application for Android, Twidroid. The name may be slightly odd but it is hard to confuse with the purpose of the application.

This application became available in the Android Market last Monday for free. We have been playing around with it for a few days now and it really has everything that you need in a Twitter application. However viewing links still takes you out of the application itself and into the Browser, and using this application will actually add Twidroid to the list of people you are following by default.

Twidroid still offers all of the functions that you need in a Twitter application such as postings, replies and direct messages, user detail information, follow/unfollow a user, and directly integrated photo-posting from camera. We predict this is the first Twitter application of many to come, eventually it will come down to which application has more to offer. We would love to see a Twitter application such as Twinkle come to android in the future. Do any of you have specific Twitter applications that you would like to see for Android?