Today was a huge day for Android in the United Kingdom as hundred of people lined up in front of T-Mobile stores awaiting the launch of the T-Mobile G1. A T-Mobile spokeswoman said the first lines started to form around 5AM outside the T-mobile shop on Oxford Street in London.

Residents of the UK will be getting the T-Mobile G1 for free, with a £40-a-month contract. One customer that was first in line stated, “Being the first person in the UK to own this mobile phone is amazing – I’m going to be popular at work! I’ve been waiting for this phone for months and I knew I had to be the first to own it.”

The differences in the G1 launch here in the US as opposed to the launch in the UK are very few. In the UK the G1 is only available in Black and White where as in the US the colors available are Bronze and Black. There is still no explanation to why the colors were launched as they were. Aside from offering the G1 for free in the UK, you will also be getting a 2GB microSD card in place of the 1GB the US customers received.