As promised last week, the Yotaphone 3 has just launched in China. It comes with pre-installed apps. We’ve been hearing about this smartphone since March when the OEM revealed that a 3rd-generation phone was being planned. A phone was teased a few months ago and soon specs and pricing were leaked. The phone was benchmarked on GFXBench early on and after another round of leaked images, the YotaPhone 3 hit TENAA.

This smartphone is now listed on in two variants: a 64GB model and a 128GB version. The 64GB Yota 3 costs ¥3699 which is about $560 in the United States. The 128GB model is also listed with a ¥4299 price tag (around $652).

The YotaPhone 3 features an e-ink screen on its rear. It will remind you a lot of the YotaPhone 2 but it now comes with a 5.5-inch 1080p AMOLED display on the front while at the back is a 5.2-inch e-ink Carta II display with 720p resolution.

You can say the second display is simply like an always-on display but it’s big that you can use it as your e-reader. Other specs include a 12MP main camera with f/1.9 aperture, 13MP selfie shooter, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 625 processor, and a 3300mAh battery. The phone is good enough for a mid-range device but unfortunately, it doesn’t have any headphone port.