Google Podcasts is coming to Android only just now. Well, at least, officially as an app but we’ve been hearing podcasts on Android devices for years now. We’ve been introduced to several media and podcast players. These apps offer access to several sources that deliver podcasts on different topics and categories from all over the globe. We have a few favorites but we’re still waiting for a one-stop shop app from Google because we know the tech giant can provide access and search for more podcasts from more people.

Some of the podcast players we’ve tried include the DoubleTwist, BlueAnt, PodKast Audio, Player FM, and Pocket Casts. In the more recent times, Google Play Music started to offer podcasts. Podcasts became available on Google Play Music for Android over a couple of years ago. Years before that, we also remember Google Listen being integrated with the Google Reader.

The Google app was once updated to show available podcasts and live TV listings. Just this April, we mentioned Google’s new podcast strategy could make Android devices more “friendly”. And this summer, Google Podcasts is being announced finally and globally on Android. About two million indexed podcasts are ready at launch so you have plenty of stuff to listen to.

We never doubted the arrival of a more structured podcast-related app by Google because of several signs like the Google app getting podcast support. Perhaps one of the biggest rivals it may have to face is Spotify because it’s widely used today with millions of sources and playlists on the database.

Google Podcasts may be preferred by the Android community because of the large database as well. Basically, this new app is a standalone version of the podcast feature in the Google app. If you’re already familiar with the functionality, this is very similar. The app is now available to download but we’re assuming it’s still in beta mode.

Google Podcasts app for Android is integrated with the Google Assistant app. This way, it will be easier to search, discover, and listen to podcasts. Someday, AI will be a part of it, hopefully, to transform podcasting as Google teams up with a number of experts.

Some additions have been made to Google Podcasts including smarter recommendations, podcast optimization, and inclusive storytelling among others. Smarter recommendations lets you listen to podcasts from popular shows like The Bill Simmons Podcast, Modern Love, Lage der Nation, and The Daily. With AI, Google Podcasts will feature recommendations by looking at your history and listening habits. It will know your preferences and interests or your favorite network.

Google Podcasts works with the Google Assistant. It can remember your activities so you can continue listening to a podcast from home to your car and then to your office. When you get home, Google Home can continue playing the podcast.

Podcast optimization can be done to make sure your podcasts are included in the Google Podcasts app. Developer guidelines are available. They will be updated regularly so we highly recommended podcast creators follow them. The recent update delivers instructions on how to generate a direct link to your podcast, prompt Google to index new podcasts, download Google Podcasts brand assets, and track analytics that comes from Google Podcasts.

Google promises inclusive storytelling in podcasting as such can be a powerful medium. Google will work with people in the podcast industry to create awareness. A program will be launched to educate people and encourage more content creators to podcast so there will be a wider array of voices represented. At this point, there are more women podcasters and there aren’t many people of color. This program is expected to enable skills development, experimentation with underrepresented people, and cultivating processor and ideas.

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SOURCE: The Keyword