Podcasts are already available on Google Play Music. They began appearing on your list since April 18 if you still haven’t noticed yet. It can be easy to search for new episodes on the app but since Google is best known for its reliable search function, the Internet giant decided to make discovering new podcasts easier faster.

When you search for a keyword on the search engine, Google will include in the results the available podcasts that you might be interested in. You’ll find thousands of episodes from different content providers and podcasters so you don’t have any reason to be bored. You’ll have an almost limitless access to content you can listen to although we’re not sure if they are still relevant, entertaining, or logical at the moment.

Google devs will be showing more links from available podcasts. If you know a particular podcast celebrity, try searching for episodes and see if a list will come on the search results on the Google app. What’s good about this feature is that you can play a podcast in the background while browsing web pages. You will see appropriate controls at the bottom of the screen to play, pause, fast-forward, or rewind.

Live TV listings will also soon be displayed on Google Search. When you search for a TV show, Google will show you where you can watch the show. All channels that will play the particular show will be listed on the TV listings.

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