If you like listening to audio podcasts in your spare time or even regularly, then you know the value of a good app to help you organize your shows. Yes, you can use the default audio app on your smartphone, if it has one. But sometimes an app should be able to do the job better. Pocket Casts is one of those apps and they have just released a new update which should make it even better to listen to your audio podcasts on it. You get Android 7.0 Nougat features for one, in preparation for when you actually have your phone updated to the latest major Google update.

Version 6.0 of Pocket Casts brings new features that are actually from Version 7.0 of Android. This includes multi-window mode so you can make notes or do some other things while listening to your podcasts and you also now have app shortcuts as well. While you yourself are streaming, you also now have audio effects, like volume boosting and even a trim feature so you can remove the parts that have no sound to remove awkward silences.

You can also now create your own list of podcasts that you want to share to others. You can create different playlists and then use the unique url to share on your favorite social networks. So if you’ve always wanted your friends to listen to certain shows and episodes but it was hard to share it to them, now you have the solution.

If you already have Pocket Casts on your device, just update your app. But if you haven’t tried it yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store for $3.99. But if you want to get the web player, it’s an additional $9.99.