It looks like Android users now have another podcast listening app to choose from. This latest is called Player FM and it has recently come available in the Google Play Store and is currently sitting at version 1.0. For those not familiar with Player FM, this is a podcast listening app. The key here, Player FM brings a big focus on discovery and is featuring 300 topics that will help get you started.

Launching the app has you signing in (of which you can do so with your Google account) and then picking three categories that you are interested in. The nice part here, you can always update those categories at a later time. In fact, you can also add additional categories later on. At least initially though, Player FM will have you set up with three. The nice part is these topics are live channels which are always updating. By starring one, you then have easy access from the menu.

The app itself is free, though there are some limitations in place. You are limited to 50 starred topics and 20 subscriptions. While that should be enough for even the most dedicated podcast listener, you can earn more subscriptions by inviting friends to use the service. A pro account is said to be in the works, but not yet available. Putting the pro account aside, lets focus on the inviting of friends as this brings another main focus, the social side.


New users will have a public profile by default. This means others will be able to see what you are subscribed to. Of course, for those feeling self conscious, there is the option to go private. Other features of the app include being able to view show notes and descriptions, browse the full history of a series and the ability to stream or download episodes. The app also has a homescreen widget and a web counterpart. You see, your subscriptions live in the cloud, which means you can head directly to the Player FM website and have access even without your Android device in hand.

We took the app for a little spin, you can check out some of the screenshots here to get an idea of what the app will look like should you choose to install it. As for us, we liked it, however we are not entirely convinced we should ditch our current setup and make the move to Player FM. But we say that as someone who already has a set list of podcasts and is not really in discovery mode at the moment. If you are the type who is always looking for new podcasts, Player FM should be worth checking out though. Those looking for the Player FM app can find it in the Google Play Store using this link.

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