As if the 20 million songs on Spotify aren’t enough, the music streaming giant has announced that they are going into the original podcasts market. They are initially launching 3 of these shows over the next couple of months, but they will be releasing more later this year. All three are of course somehow connected to music since that’s what Spotify is all about anyway. Hopefully, this will go better than their original video series, which has had mixed reactions.

Showstopper is actually now available, at least the first episode of the show. The host is Naomi Zeichner, editor-in-chief of The Fader magazine and it is about the intersection between TV shows and music. The bi-weekly podcast interviews with music supervisors from shows like Girls, Scrubs, OC, Stranger Things, etc. It analyzes the most iconic music moments on TV and this podcast is produced in partnership with Slate / Panopoly Studios.

Unpacked, hosted by Matt FX, music supervisor for Broad City, and Michele Santucci of Spotify Studios, will premiere on March 14. The two will travel to various music festivals around the country and interview musicians, filmmakers, app-makers, food-makers and various creative people that hang out in these places. So even if you don’t make it to those festivals, you can live vicariously through these interviews.

The third one is still tentatively titled The Chris Lighty Story and will premiere this April is all about the extraordinary life and influence of music producer Chris Lighty. Through interviews and direct commentaries, host Reggie Ossé not only discusses his influence on 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot among others, it also tackles issues like race, mental illness, and the price of success. Expect more original podcasts from Spotify later this year.

SOURCE: Spotify