If you use Google Play Music to listen to your, well, music, and then another app to play your podcasts, soon you will be able to just use the former to do both. Podcast creators can now make available their content through Google’s music portal and podcast listeners will soon be able to enjoy listening to their favorite audio shows all in just one place. While of course there are a lot of other podcast apps out there, if you prefer to streamline all your audio essentials, then this is good news for you.

Starting today, if you are a podcaster looking for ways to syndicate your content, Google Play Music has opened a podcast portal for you. They will be able to connect you with listeners looking for new things to listen to, and just like the contextual playlists for music, they will recommend podcasts depending on the user’s mood, activity, or interests. This will increase your visibility (or rather, audibility?) and will also give people something new to listen to aside from the already popular and established ones.

But if you’re a podcast addict, you’ll also have something familiar to listen to, as Google has already gotten several popular podcast channels, ready for your listening pleasure when the service will finally launch. They’ve already signed up Dave Ramsey, HBO, How Stuff Works, Nerdist, and Slate among others.

But hold your horses, the service isn’t yet available for listeners. Only the podcast portal is up for now, but unless you have a podcast ready for upload, then that will probably be useless for you.

SOURCE: Android Blog