Yesterday we let you all know that BlueAnt plans on bringing a headset and an app to Android. Today a video demo of the headset emerges and it looks quite impressive. Besides being designed for use in extreme conditions, it has a few other surprises as well.

It has a rubber case over it to protect from shock and dust, it features a new technology that allows excellent call quality in winds up to 22mph. it also has dual mics for noise cancellation similar to that found in the Nexus One and most Motorola Android handsets. It can also connect up to 2 different devices and you can use them both at the same time. And that’s not all, it now has A2DP for streaming audio of podcasts and turn-by-turn directions from GPS applications on your mobile phone. Last but not least it can read your text messages to you and even announce callers by name so you can choose to answer the call or reject it all without even touching your phone or the headset. This will only be available to phones with 2.0 and up but don’t let that scare you away, most handsets should have 2.1 within the next two months.


[via blueant]