Sony Mobile Business

While the rest of the mobile industry is talking about Google’s move to cut ties with Huawei and the top Chinese OEM’s future, here is Sony holding a corporate strategy day to present its many plans for the company. Sony’s medium-term plans for Fiscal Year 2020 (FY 2020) have been detailed. The state of the Mobile Communication (MC) business under the Electronics Products & Solutions Segment (EP&S) has been reintroduced and confirmed to be reducing costs by half in order to be profitable by next year if all strategies work out.

Sony may be closing down factories in some regions but the presentation includes places where it is now focusing on. Other regions have been “defocused” as the company is now working doubly hard in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Europe.

Defocused regions are as follows: the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, South America, Canada, India, and Australia. Sony has officially confirmed it is pulling away from these countries when we’ve only been hearing rumors previously.

It appears Sony isn’t expecting much to improve sales but we’re still feeling hopeful. We’re choosing to think positive this time because the brand has been a pioneer in the mobile game. We remember the Sony Ericsson team-up that officially ended several years ago.

The Sony Xperia 1 is still launching in the US. It may be followed by a Sony Xperia 20 and the Sony Xperia 2 as shown by the rendered images and a 360-degree video.

Sony Mobile’s numbers are down with only 1.1 million units sold in Q1. We’re curious if sales would improve this Q2 and that may be a clear indicator of the company’s future. Sony has laid off some 2,000 employees to cut down costs. Previous cost-cutting efforts for mobile business already led to the China plant closure.

Sony has been doing some serious changes within the company. We’re still hoping for the time when Xperia phones would get better cameras as Sony restructures because that’s what the industry wants: more advanced smartphone cameras.