It appears that one of the only carriers in the entirety of Europe to get their Galaxy Tab 10.1 shipment before the massive Euro ban of the tablet, Vodafone UK, has now got their stock up for sale, thanks to the courts suspension of said ruling outside of Germany. This device of course is also for sale in some other bits of the world including the USA and Australia, but has certainly suffered some losses in potential sales due to the court ruling. Meanwhile the rest of the UK is more than likely awaiting shipment of their Tabs so that sales may resume across the English side of the ocean.

In related news, we’re still reeling over the complete disappearance of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (check out our hands-on video here) from IFA 2011 as another court case appeared like a wild Snorlax. The folks at Samsung are truly going to need to get their Pokeflute out to move this wild beast from their path soon or they’ll take what can only be described as a Charizard-sized hit in sales in Deutschland.

Also meanwhile, you can check out some app reviews we’ve got on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 right here in the USA as well, including Cranky Cat and Cat Dance Club LWP, the racing game Reckless Getaway, everyone’s favorite Google Reader, water intensive Sprinkle, airplanes ahoy with SteamBirds, and of course all your favorite feeds with News360.

And of course you could check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE from Verizon as well, complete with TouchWiz UX straight outta the developer halls of Samsung.

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