Despite Apple’s frivolous attempts to block the Samsung Galaxy Tab in many markets such as Australia and even the entire European Union, it appears that sales will surge forward in both areas according to recent news. First we saw the sales might be halted in Australia but quickly learned they will continue as planned and go on sale shortly.

While the entire lawsuit and situation regarding the European version is a bit different Germany will also start selling the tab shortly too. After Samsung initially said they would delay the launch in Australia they later changed their minds and are going forward. I’m happy to report you guys down under will be able to purchase the tab very soon.

According to the above leaked flyer the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be launching over in Australia starting September 1st, it appears Apple’s attempts have failed so far and hopefully they continue to do so. Hopefully this shows how much confidence Samsung has in the courts over in those parts, or maybe they are just pushing it out anyways. I’d be launching it if I were Samsung, they have nothing to hide right? I mean they don’t even have the same aspect ratio as the iPad, or did Apple lie about that too?

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[via Phandroid]