It’s time for a cat party on the Android application tip! What we’ve got for you here today is an app double-down, one for a rather awesome app that’ll have you cranking your fingers around in knots for hours, the other a live wallpaper you’ll grow to love should you drink a whole case of Surge before you start staring in the middle of the night in the dark. It’s a disco party and a steampunk masterpiece, both of them on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for you to enjoy here.

First of all have a look at this live wallpaper. Obviously it’s the greatest wallpaper of all time having a set of three kitties at a dance party, the DJ Club Kitty right in the center on the wheels of steel. This live wallpaper will cost you a grand total of $1 USD on the Android Market and it comes highly recommended by my daughter Annie who is not allowed to look at it anymore, ever, ever again. You’ve got the ability to change the size of the wallpaper and the speed at which it flies through your brain in its options panel.

Cat Dance Club on the Android Market for a good time.

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Next there’s Cranky Cat, an honest-to-goodness awesome game from the developers at March Entertainment Inc. In this game you’ll have balls flying at a structure in the center of the screen, your goal being to turn the structure on a crank in 360 degrees around the center until the falling balls hit the structure in a way that already-landed balls will match up. You could also call them orbs, if you like, this entire game built in the awesome cut-and-paste format that’s very fitting of the classic simplicity of its mechanics. This is a puzzle game for those who love Tetris or other match em up games and want to take their love to the next level.

The next kitty level, that is.

Cranky Cat on the Android Market for free (demo) or for $2.51 for steamy fun