Just released to the market is a new game for Android from the popular developers Polarbit. They’ve made some of the most popular games such as Reckless Racing and the Raging Thunder series and always have awesome graphics and great gameplay. Reckless Getaway you are the wheelman behind the getaway car for a bank robbery with the police hot on your tail. Racing games are fun and its always nice to cross the finish line, but crashing and causing chaos with police and oncoming traffic is even better.

The game is a bit addicting and I’ve been playing it for a while now today. Weaving in and out of traffic while getting power ups and bonuses for jumping police cars this game has no shortage of action or fun. With stellar graphics, engaging gameplay and awesome sound effects so far it has a thumbs up from me. It does cost $2.99 in the market but the fact you wont get bored and it offering 16 or so levels make it worth the price.

– 16 eye-popping, visually amazing Tracks
– Simple and effective controls
– Unlock new tracks by earning your rates
– Global leaderboards, show you’re better than the rest
– Astonishing physics brings chaos to another level

… and stay Tuned for:
– New unlock-able Chapters
– New unlock-able Game modes

I did have a few issues but the game was just released yesterday so I’m sure some updates will be coming shortly. Adjusting the volume in game caused it to occasionally freeze and it did crash on me once or twice but overall that was about the only issue I had. Well that and all the cops kept trying to run me off the road — those jerks.

This is me totally destroying a police car — he got PWNED!

Just like the description said the physics do brings chaos to another level. You have tons of power-ups and specials you can get. They have jumps all over the place if you figure out where they are. My favorite feature is the jump power-up as I’m constantly trying to jump diesels or oncoming traffic. In my video preview below I land on a trolly for a minute but sadly fell off shortly after. You have two game modes where you can just try and getaway and rush to the finish line, or choose to be reckless and basically destroy everything in your path. I like reckless as it’s just a blast destroying oncoming traffic and police cars and anything else that gets in your way.

Reckless Getaway has plenty of options and controls. You can use on-screen controls or motion if that is your thing. Polarbit has also optimized the game for the Xperia Play controls and should make for a great experience. I went through about 5 levels but kept going back to downtown because there is just so much going on and you never know when a bus is going to fly around a corner and take you out, and the cops on your tail.

Like I said above, with stunning graphics, great visuals and sound effects and offering 16 levels this game is worth the $2.99 asking price that is for sure. I’d recommend you give it a try as its totally worth it and plays great on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

Reckless Getaway Hands-on Video
[vms 958d9ef0ee9ba5336e35]

Reckless Getaway by polarbit is available now in the Android Market for just $2.99 so get it while its hot. Feel free to click or scan the QR code below to head over and download this awesome game.