OnePlus 9 Pro

Could this be the OnePlus 9 Pro? Yes, it is according to a source who shared an image on Twitter and talked about it in a YouTube video. But then we’re still taking things with a pinch of salt. Lee’s source was anonymous who only shared the photos with him over on a Discord chat. The OnePlus 9 Pro photos we see here are said to be only for the Pro version and not the regular OnePlus 9. The guy said the phone images sent to him don’t look like anything we’ve already seen around the web.

The leaked hands-on images and video suggest a number of things. For one, its camera system may be more advanced especially with the Hasselblad branding. A big camera brand teaming up with a phone maker is actually nothing new.

Huawei and OPPO have done it with Leica. Vivo has partnered with ZEISS. OnePlus may soon promote its cameras with the Hasselblad mark.

The optics expert may finally be dipping into the mobile arena although with limits. We remember the Hasselblad Moto Mod from over four years ago. That Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod also started as a rumor but was then made into reality.

OnePlus 9 Pro with Hasselblad Camera

As for the OnePlus 9 Pro, we have no doubts OnePlus could work with the brand. It must be paying Hasselblad a lot of money for that. OnePlus has yet to prove its worth in the camera phone category although we know of its been working hard to improve the flagship camera system.

This early look at the OnePlus 9 Pro also tells us a number of things. The display is curved especially on the sides. The back is glossy. There is a notification slider on one side but the frame appears to be cut around the sleep-wake button. There is a USB-c port and antenna bands that look standard.

The display is said to be able to run 1440p at 120 hertz. There is no mention of the processor but we see 256GB onboard storage and 11GB of RAM which could really be 12GB. Other OnePlus 9 Pro features we already include 45W wireless charging and reverse charging, official IP68 rating, and a different camera layout. Of course, 5G connectivity is also expected.

When it comes to imaging, there could be a regular camera, wide-angle, ultra-wide, and zoom. The camera software could also offer Tilt-Shift Photography Mode. Some Hasselblad technology could be implemented here but we have no idea how so let us wait and see.


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