OnePlus Camera

OnePlus continues to live up to its promises. It’s presently working on the new OnePlus 9 series but while waiting for the new flagship phones, we’ll check out what software updates are available. Several OxygenOS updates are being released. We also learned about the idea that OnePlus is working hard to improve the flagship camera system. It may be long before we see the new smartphones but the latest camera updates may give you an idea. The new features and changes were sighted on the OxygenOS Open Beta that rolled out for the OnePlus 7 and 7T.

Specifically, the update delivered the new OnePlus Camera app. It’s now version 6.4.23 and it comes with a bunch of new code, strings, and assets that hint at possible camera features and enhancements as per our source.

OnePlus Camera App New Features

First is the Tilt-shift Mode. This could refer to the tilt-shift photography. It may also refer to miniature faking which is a technique in photography to make the scenes appear smaller.

The OnePlus Camera app may also feature Starburst. It’s a new starburst effect that shows a radiating star-shape when the phone is pointed at a bright source. There is also the Moon Mode to help capture images of the moon or the night sky. The app may include new filters to adjust the color of the moon.

The camera app may also include Hyperlapse which is different from time-lapse mode. It may add movement over long-distances. Last but not least is Focus peaking. This focus peaking feature could highlight in-focus areas in the viewfinder.