Microsoft Surface Duo Verizon

The Surface Duo is still up for grabs. Of course, Microsoft won’t stop promoting and selling this one until stock runs out. The highly-anticipated smartphone-tablet from the software giant has been an interesting subject. The market waited for it for almost a year. Some consumers liked what they saw at launch, only to be disappointed. There have been reports its battery swells causing some strange bulge. The plastic frame around the USB-port reportedly cracks too. A recent Microsoft Surface Duo Teardown presented us the good and the bad.

The Surface Duo is ready for mobile productivity. We believe it has potential, if you can go past some issues. The device was promised with three years of Android upgrades. We like that it is ready with side by side views and is ideal for most tasks.

We saw the Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen design and internals. It comes with enterprise level security by Microsoft. Benchmark scores were high and the device outperformed other flagships.

The Surface Duo was made available on Best Buy and AT&T stores. We learned about the early price cut. We got confused for a time because Microsoft was urging the dissatisfied Surface Duo owners to return their units and then buy again with the new price.

The gadget is now available from Verizon in both 128GB and 256GB variant for $1,379 and $1,479, respectively. What’s more interesting is that there is no price cut. The prices are only $20 cheaper than the original price. So, who’s still getting a Microsoft Surface Duo?