This week will be all about IFA and on August 31, we’ll get to see the new LG V30. The other South Korean tech giant’s premium flagship phone will be last year’s V20 follow-up but it will arrive with a few changes including the HD TouchSense technology, UX 6.0+, dual cameras with large f/1.6 aperture, glass Crystal Clear lens, and a floating bar instead of a secondary screen.

We already know the phone will boast of an OLED FullVision display. Now we’ve got information about the LG V30’s audio. The phone will feature next-gen audio that improves on the Hi-Fi Quad DAC found on the V20. For the new V smartphone, there will be a Hi-Fi Quad DAC which is actually powered by the SABRE ES9218P by ESS Technology. This brings sound presets and digital filters as major features that audiophiles will love.

This new Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC delivers more options for customizations. The technology usually found in digital audio players are being brought to smartphones now, offering digital filters. As for the sound presents, LG engineers and devs looked at the characteristics and combination of sounds of some popular tones to come up with optimal pre-programmed settings. The top four settings identified are as follows: Bass, Live, Enhanced, and Detailed.

Some other highlights of LG’s new audio technology include improvements on Hi-Fi Quad DAC controls, cutting down of distortion rate, high-resolution audio streaming, and the HD Audio Recorder. LG still takes advantage of its partnership with B&O PLAY for a more refined audio and fine-tuning. A pair of B&O PLAY earphones will still be offered with LG V30 owners similar to the LG V20.