It’s only two days before Christmas which means in a few days, we’ll be doing another countdown: to the New Year. Around this time, brands and companies are busy doing round-ups, lists, and summaries of the past twelve months of things that must be recognized. Big or small victories ought to be celebrated and for IFIXIT, they are interested to know the repairability of each and every gadget that is released in the market.

This 2016, we’ve seen numerous teardowns starting with the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G5, Huawei P9, Pixel C, Galaxy Note 7, Google Pixel XL, and the latest, Google Home.

So what makes the phone fixable? Why is it important that we know how repairable a phone is? Well, for the simple reason that everyone should how easy the phone can be fixed once it’s broken. It helps people make informed decisions before they even buy something.

On top of the list is the LG G5. Obviously, it’s being a modular phone helps. Listed below are some of the phones IFIXIT has opened:

• LG G5 (8/10)
• Google Pixel, Pixel XL (7)
• Apple iPhone 7 (7)
• Apple iPhone SE (6)
• Samsung Note 7 (4)
• Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge (3)

Samsung phones released this year didn’t do to well. The problematic Note 7 and the Galaxy S7/S7 edge only scored 4 and 3, respectively. That’s very low repairability you’d wish they won’t get broken anytime soon.

The IFIXIT guys and gals have opened up a lot of devices but we’ve only listed the more popular ones from the top phone brands. Check out our IFIXIT features or visit the actual teardowns on

View full infographic HERE.