HTC U11 Android 9 Pie Update

As early as August last year, HTC announced that several U phones are getting a slice of Android 9 Pie. The HTC U12+, HTC U11, U11+, and the HTC U11 Life (Android One) were listed and now, Android 9.0 is rolling out. HTC has finally announced the schedule for the release of the Pie before the Android Q is revealed. You see, while the Android development team is busy, HTC is finalizing Android Pie for its flagship phones. We’re curious as to why it has taken the Taiwanese tech company this long when it was proud and early to announce that Android 9 would be coming.

Android Pie for the HTC U11 phone will be ready later in May. The HTC U12+ will receive a slice of Pie late in June while the HTC U11+ will receive the OS update later in the same month but earlier.

We remember HTC saying before that it couldn’t wait for us to know what we “think of Google’s freshest slice of Android”. Well, almost a year later, we certainly have our opinions.

The slice of Pie that was promised would come very soon is indeed arriving…very soon. At least, we have the schedule now so more guessing game.

HTC is still set to improve on mobile strategy and smartphone sales this year. We’re rooting for that next-gen HTC Exodus blockchain phone and whatever it is bringing to the Indian market through licensing. The HTC Desire 12s was revealed last year but only as a mid-range with dual cameras.

HTC may not release U13 in spring 2019, maybe “something else”, but we know the U11 and U12 are getting a major upgrade. HTC has been focusing on phones with cryptocurrency but we believe it’s not forgetting older phones. HTC always has ‘Something new for U‘ so let’s wait and see for future announcements.