LG has been busy announcing the V30’s availability and pricing in different countries and from several carriers. We know it’s arriving in the United States soon from major mobile carriers and the UK this November 1 with a Second Year Promise. We also know pre-order on T-Mobile will begin this week and the LG V30+ is exclusive on one mobile carrier only.

The phone has started shipping in South Korea, Europe, and North America with a lower price to beat the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. For buyers of the LG V30, know that you can receive a free Daydream View VR Headset for free. That’s not all, you will also receive some of the most popular Daydream VR games at no extra cost. The second-year limited warranty program is already included. We can’t say if this is the new Daydream View already but it doesn’t matter as long as it’s free.

Your LG V30 or LG V30+ with a Daydream View VR headset will bring you new immersive experiences and adventures. Virtual reality is out there. You just need the proper gear like the V30 phone and Google’s very own virtual reality headset.

The promo will not last long so we suggest you hurry and buy your V30 from an authorized retailer or mobile carrier. Aside from the Daydream View, you can also use the LG V30 with other mobile accessories from batteries to cradles, phone cases, and wireless keyboards among others.

VIA: Reddit



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