We’re anticipating for the official release of the LG V30 in several key markets. So far, we know the smartphone will be available in the UK starting November 1. The device will be ready from major mobile carriers in the US. In fact, T-Mobile is expected to open pre-order this week. The phone will be offered with a Second Year Promise when it starts shipping in South Korea, Europe, and North America soon.

There’s also the LG V30+ but we haven’t heard much when it will be ready. In the US, Sprint just announced it will carry the smartphone at launch. Starting October 13, you can purchase the phone from the company with 128GB storage and other higher specs. You can get it online and in stores for only $38 per month with a supported plan and no downpayment. If you upgrade or buy a phone online, you can get a $30 discount.

The LG V30+ with the Flex plan from the carrier is eligible for a second phone for only $38 monthly fee. That’s already for the two LG V30+ units. A special promo is also available consisting of a Daydream View headset and Top VR Content Bundle. Note that the LG V30+ will already include a pair of LG QuadPlay Earbuds for premium audio quality all the time.



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