LG V30

We mentioned earlier the LG V30 is worth some $749.99 according to a promo material. The phone has launched and we’ve already got our hands-on feature. We said it’s a nice movie making mobile tool but we have yet to do a more detailed review and analysis. We’re feeling positive about this smartphone because of the high specs but as with any other premium device, we need to test it out and take advantage of all the functions in real life.

The LG V30 will directly rival the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but the other South Korean tech giant is believed to have decided to lower its price so it will have an edge over the competition. It’s not the top brand in the mobile industry but it’s definitely one of the game changers, introducing innovations and technologies that others usually follow.

To compete with Apple and Samsung, LG might sell the V30 for a price not higher than one million won for the standard model. That is about $883. The 64GB is said to be priced at 949,300 won while the 128GB will be 998,800 won–$840 and $884, respectively. Pre-orders for the LG V30 will begin this Thursday, September 14, while market release will be September 21, next week.

Lowering the price of the LG V30 despite the premium specs will make it more attractive to “consumers who care a lot about cost effectiveness” according to LG’s mobile business CEO June Cho. Let’s wait and see how the LG V30 will perform.

VIA: The Korea Herald


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