Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Teardown

It’s bigger but is it better? This question is being asked by numerous of industry watchers. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has survived the rough durability test pretty well. A disassembly review revealed low repairability score. Zack Nelson also did a teardown video. Nothing unusual in the way he opened the device–with a lot of heat and gentle prying. With the Ultra, JerryRigEverything’s suction cup actually had a hard time holding the texted rear panel but all is well as the back panel was removed.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is different compared to the regular Galaxy S21 and the Plus version. The variant now offers S-Pen support. Samsung promised the Galaxy Note experience would be extended to other Galaxy devices and the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first device.

Samsung Galaxy S21Ultra Teardown

The camera lens inside is metal while the circles inside are glass. They can be easily replaced if broken. The camera bump of the smartphone is obviously larger than usual as they are obviously protruding when you look at the side.

Removing the battery is not that easy. But with some isopropyl alcohol and heat, it’s possible. There are no pull tabs. It’s obvious the battery was strongly glued down. It means replacing the battery may not be that easy although not impossible.

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Teardown video below:

What’s Inside

The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is larger which is supposedly faster to unlock. You need to be careful if you plan on removing the rear glass panel. We’re not sure if the latter is anything like the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s.

Nothing much has changed on the inside if you are to compare it with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It means it’s also not that repairable. Samsung upgraded the specs and features but not exactly the positioning inside. We like that it’s durable though.

Samsung didn’t really do anything crazy to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s a good thing but people want something new and exciting. The S-Pen support is a welcome addition but we’ll see how the market will respond.