Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen support

Perhaps some of you have already started a countdown, not just for Christmas but for when Samsung will announce the new Galaxy S21 series. We have gathered a lot of information about the premium flagship devices and we can say the trio will be worthy upgrades if you haven’t bought a new phone in the last couple of years. Much focus is on the Galaxy S21 Ultra as this variant is believed to offer S-Pen support. A Samsung exec mentioned the Galaxy Note experience will expand to other Galaxy lines.

The first lucky one will be the Galaxy S21 Ultra as we’ve been saying many times already. Several details have been leaked including specs, pricing details, color options, and CAD renders that show narrow chin and bezels.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen support has been confirmed and today, we’re learning the phone has landed in the FCC database. The file indeed tells us the smartphone will come with S-Pen support.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra coming with S-Pen connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with model number SMG998B has reached the FCC. The document lists S-Pen support as one of the features, as well as, Hover functionality. The latter is a feature that allows the user to hold the S-Pen above the touchscreen to perform different functions. No need to actually touch the display for it to respond. The FCC document also lists other features like Wi-Fi 6E, wireless charging, wireless power transfer (reverse wireless charging), NFC, and UWB functionality.

Here is an excerpt of the report below:

“The EUT [device being tested – ed] can also used with a stylus device (S-Pen). The EUT operates with the S-Pen in two different inductive coupling modes of S-Pen motion detection (Hover and Click)…”

The S-Pen support is confirmed. Note that this doesn’t mean the Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with an S-Pen. It’s something we’ve been hearing a lot lately. We highly doubt the phone will even include a slot for the stylus.