Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the new hot kid on the block, and it was time the phone got ripped apart to learn what’s inside. Just like its little sibling Galaxy S21 which came under the scalpel earlier (courtesy PBKreviews), to reveal that the device has an easy reparability score. So does the Galaxy S21 Ultra also have the same luxury in case you manage to damage it in some way? The result came out to be a little unexpected and it turned out that the premium flagship indeed is a bit tedious to repair when we talk of screen and battery.

PBKreviews sliced open the flagship Samsung phone, and just like other glass-metal sandwich phones, it requires a prying tool to open it apart. The device being opened up here is the international variant, so the absence of the mmWave antennas on both the side slots is visible.

Surprisingly, the SIM slot can hardware-wise read dual SIMs, but Samsung has omitted the dual tray – only giving the single tray as the option. The camera module inside the metal covering is more durable and separating it from the body panel was a bit difficult thanks to the strong adhesive.

Further, tinkering of the camera hardware reveals that all three lenses on the device have optical image stabilization which in a way promises superior photo and video shooting capability. Heat dissipation on the phone is also going to be good thanks to the graphite in place for the NFC and motherboard.

The major internal component layout difference from the S21 is the absence of a foam ball insulation for a better audio output. It is hard to fathom that the S21 Ultra also does not have a detachable screen connector cable, meaning that in case your screen needs replacement it will be hard to do so.

Also, keep in mind that the glass back is susceptible to breakage while repair tasks as compared to S21. Another disappointment comes in the form of hard to separate battery which is tightly glued in place. Even after applying heat and then alcohol it was difficult to take it out.

All these make the Galaxy S21 Ultra a non-reparability friendly phone with a score of just 6 out of 10 by PBKreviews. In case you do buy this flagship monster, do keep it safe at all times for obvious reasons!