Samsung Galaxy S21 series has already gone through the ordeal of being torn down by PBKreviews making some interesting revelations. It was time then to test the series’ hottest device, the Galaxy S21 Ultra for its durability. Who better than JerryRigEverything, who is good at putting smartphones through the harshest treatment they’ll receive in their lifecycle, taking up the task. In the test, Jack Nelson gets down to testing the Galaxy S21 Ultra built quality integrity using his customary sharp tools.

The durability test begins with the scratch test tool that reveals the flagship device has Gorilla Glass Victus – scratching at level 6 with deep grooves at level 7. Before getting to the bare glass screen, it is found that the phone has two screen protectors, instead of the one on most phones.

The sides of the phone are laminated with a thin layer of plastic for extra protection and the side body is made from aluminum, while the power button and volume rocker are made of metal. Jack goes on casually scraping the body with a sharp tool to show the durable make.

Then he gets to scratch the matte glass back with the knife and coins to reveal a tough surface. That cannot be said for the camera module housing, which is not as safe against sharp object scratching.

Again the display is the object of focus now it has to bear the heat of the lighter for around 45 seconds without considerable damage. With the level 7 scratching the fingerprint scanner manages to survive and keep its functional integrity. The phone also survives the bend test which speaks a lot about its quality built.

It is clear that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is quite durable and passes the test with a good impression. But Jack emphasizes the fact that if you already have the last year’s flagship, upgrading to the Galaxy S21 Ultra may not be such a nice idea just because it has better cameras.