Motorola has taken center stage in several of our weekly wrap-up posts in previous weeks, and well, it looks like they have returned yet again. Of course, the big Motorola news this week was how the company was purchased by Lenovo. Gone is the “a Google company” branding and instead, Motorola fans are left wondering, and hoping things will not suffer once Lenovo takes full control.

The deal was for $2.91 billion and as we learned earlier, that will break down as a $1.41 billion payment at closing with the remaining funds to be paid out over a three year period. More to the point here, it seems Lenovo made the purchase to boost their position in the global market. To that point, Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo has already commented about how this gives them an immediate “opportunity to become a strong global player in the fast-growing mobile space.”

Otherwise, at risk of turning this weekly wrap-up into a Lenovo and Motorola summary post, there are some other specifics worth mentioning. For example, Lenovo will not be getting the patents, they will not be getting the advanced R&D division and they will not be getting Project Ara. Basically, they are getting the mobile bits of Motorola.


Another interesting piece of news arrived Friday afternoon. This was in regards to the next CEO of Microsoft. And for those who missed that and may be wondering why an Android blog would care who the next Microsoft CEO is — well, he may be coming from Google. Word is that Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai is a front runner for the position.

While these are likely the two bigger stories of the week, there was plenty more we saw. Both Google and Amazon released some earnings reports, Samsung agreed to start playing a bit nicer, Google Glass prescription frames were officially unveiled, and Samsung’s answer to Glass are said to be coming later this year. There was also an interesting video that surfaced, which showed the Moto G being submerged in water for a full 30 minutes. Lastly, Nate spent a bit of time with the LG G Flex, and posted an initial hands-on as well as a full review.