Amazon released their earnings for Q4 2013 today, and it seems as though their hard work over the holiday season paid off. Net sales were $25.59 billion, up 20% over Q4 2012. Operating income was also up 26% to $510 million, and net income saw a massive uptick to $239 million versus $97 million in Q4 2012.

For the entirety of 2013, Amazon net sales were $74.45 billion, up 22% over the $61.09 billion seen in 2012. Operating income was equally up, rising 10% to $745 million. Amazon also turned a profit in 2013, with a $300 million turnaroud. The online sales giant saw a net income of $274 million in 2013, which stands in huge contrast to the net loss of $39 million in 2012.

Amazon is also boasting a record holiday season for Prime membership sales, and an uptick of 7,000 instant videos, raising the total to 40,000. Their Mayday function is also a point of strength, as Amazon says the average response time on Christmas day was nine seconds, beating the goal of 15 seconds. With various holiday promotions, Amazon undoubtedly had a slew of new owners ready to get help.

For Q1 2014, Amazon is preparing for continued growth. They believe net sales will be between $18.2-19.9 billion, a 13% to 24% growth over Q1 2013. Operating income is anyone’s guess, as Amazon oddly notes they expect to be negative or positive up to $200 million each way. Their operating income in Q1 2013 was $181 million.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said “It’s a good time to be an Amazon customer. You can now read your Kindle gate-to-gate, get instant on-device tech support via our revolutionary Mayday button, and have packages delivered to your door even on Sundays”. As Amazon continues to add goods and services, their stock will continue to rise — literally.

Source: Amazon