We have seen a bit in regards to Google Glass prescription frames in the past, however Google has since stepped forward with an official unveil. The frames are dubbed the Titanium Collection and will be available in four different styles including Split, Bold, Thin, and Classic.

Google describes these as being made of feather-light titanium and is even tempting current Explorers with mention about how if you need prescription lenses and have vision insurance — you may be covered. In regards to the insurance, Google has called out VSP (Vision Service Plan) specifically. Perhaps more important for current Explorers looking to get setup with prescription frames is the availability.

Google has said Glass Explorers will have access to the Titanium Collection beginning this afternoon. And along with the four styles of frames, there is also two new styles of twist-on shades. Those new sunglass styles include Edge and Classic and they will twist and clip into place, as opposed to needing to be screwed in. Speaking of being screwed in, the actual Glass setup is screwed into the frames using a single screw.

Basically, this means those with Glasses will either wear Glass all the time, or have a second pair of frames or contacts. The Titanium Collection of frames will be selling for $225 each. Though, worth mentioning here is that price doesn’t include the actual lenses. It also doesn’t include Glass itself. As for the sunglasses, users can expect to shell out $150 for either the Edge or Classic models.

SOURCE: +GoogleGlass