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Moto X sales tipped to have been weak

Motorola will be announcing the Moto G shortly. The handset is expected to be a lower-cost alternative to the Moto X. And coincidentally, we recently saw price cuts for the Moto X both on and off-contract. Motorola also opened up the Moto Maker to all four major US carriers this week. But with all this Moto X news, a new report coming from the Wall Street Journal brings talk of poor sales.

Google Glass Play Music support and Glass Earbuds confirmed

There had been some recent talk about how the Google Glass XE11 update was setting the path for Play Music support. At the time that talk was based on details discovered by users taking a deep dive in the update, however a more recent update has confirmed the support. The details have been shared on the official +GoogleGlass page and are asking users to "look for an email in the next few weeks."

Google makes changes for Developers, offers app translation and cloud solutions

Google has rolled out a few changes for Android Developers today, and they could end up making the experience much better for everyone. By offering more cloud solutions for Developers, which allows them to focus more on designing and building great apps, Google takes a lot of the laborious tasks off their hands. Increased language support for Android apps also helps Developers reach a broader audience.

Moto X Moto Maker no longer an AT&T exclusive

Putting an end to the rumors and early sightings, Motorola has opened up the Moto Maker customizations for all four major US carriers this morning. Or in other words, customers outside of AT&T are now able to move forward and purchase a customized Moto X. Otherwise, the Moto X is priced at $99.99 on a two-year agreement and at the moment, the Moto Maker site is reflecting an estimated delivery of four days.

Nexus 7 pre-orders begin with T-Mobile

T-Mobile has been teasing the upcoming availability of the Nexus 7 on Twitter lately. They weren't offering much in terms of hints, and the tweets were simply offering a coming soon message. But that being said, the carrier has opened up pre-orders. And while this is the same Nexus 7 that is already available by way of the Google Play Store, T-Mobile does have a potential perk.

Google Glass XE11 adds Home & Work directions, Calendar search and more

Another month has past and that means another Google Glass update. We saw the XE10 update arrive on October 7th and the XE11 update has been detailed by Google today. Last time around the update added transit directions, links in notifications and the ability to see the profile picture of the person you are messaging with. This time around we are seeing a few more changes and additions, including the departure of the long press.

Sony details plans for Kit Kat and Jelly Bean

Sony recently began teasing some Jelly Bean and Kit Kat updates. That was little more than Sony promising and update next week with more details about Android 4.3 and 4.4. Well, next week has arrived and so has that status update from Sony. There are still some specifics that will need to be spelled out, however Sony has offered some rough timelines and some specific devices.