The Android team has yet to reveal what Q dessert will be served. Earlier at the Google I/O, the latest changes on the platform have been revealed. They’re mainly focused on privacy with easier security updates and new app location controls. It’s about time Android gets more secure than ever. Privacy has always been an issue for the mobile OS but we know the tech giant is doing everything to enhance the consumers’ mobile experience. One of the main objectives is to maintain the security and privacy of all data stored in Android phones.

The Google I/O 2019 started with a focus on privacy. Hopefully, it will be better for most of the tech giant’s products and services with all the new features and innovations being introduced.

At the keynote, a Google exec revealed there are about 50 privacy and security changes and features. Under the Settings menu, Privacy is now placed on top for easier and quicker access.

Privacy will include three sections: Ad Settings, Location History, and Activity Controls. Location can now be shared with some apps that are running. Logging out of the app will disable the function so no one can see the location or source.

Location setting has a new interface and level of location privacy is listed for some apps. You will see always allow, never allow, or allow only when active.

Updates will be more timely and more regular than before. It’s something we’ve been hoping for since forever because Android devs seem to take a lot of time working on the changes and actually releasing them.

The Android OS framework offers improved compatibility, security, and privacy. The new version may still be in beta but the public version will be ready soon.

Another big change that will be presented to the Android community is 5G. Not all devices and OEMs may benefit from the new 5G support but Android Q will bring 5G network health data as made possible by a Qualcomm chip.

Android Q 5G phones are expected to be more powerful as more network data can be shared with apps. Better APIs will be ready for cellular network integration. Right on the Android Q Connection Manager, devs can see the 5G features and be able to utilize them to allow downloading of higher resolution graphics, more content, and faster frame-rates.


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