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Fight for the survival of humanity in The Battle of Sol

Some people enjoy brainless mobile games, while some like something a little more challenging like puzzles and the like. Some want to play games where you just shoot or hit things without backstories while some would like a little more cinematic story while they’re playing the game. If you like that last one we mentioned, a new Android game called The Battle of Sol may be for you as you take command of a ship that may just be humanity’s last hope.

Camera360 overhauls app, brings “Inspiration” and “Discovery”

There are tons of camera and photo editing apps competing with each other, and developers are constantly looking for something that will make them stand out, as well as constantly updating their product to keep up with consumers’ varying needs. One of the most popular ones out there is Camera360, and their version 7.0 not only redesigns the app itself, but brings two features that not a lot of their competitors have: Inspiration and Discovery.

More Android Wear smartwatches to hit the market before 2015 ends

The smartwatch era may still be in its early stages but its obvious that Google is ahead of Apple in the game--that is, if we are to look at the features and not the numbers. Android Wear as a wearable platform is quickly becoming the standard in smartwatches simply because it's Android and there are more compatibles devices that can be supported. Samsung may have the Tizen OS but once more Android Wear watches hit the market, the numbers might change.

Etsy adds local tab to help you discover and support nearby retailers

Before there was Pinterest, there was the Etsy website so you could look at pretty things. But more than just a repository of creative crafts, artsy items, and beautiful things, the goal of the site, and now the app, is to connect us buyers and browsers to those that produce these things you want to own (even if it’s just someday). The latest update to their app enhances that purpose as it now has a Local tab so you can connect with Etsy retailers near you.

AMIDuOS Android emulator brings Lollipop in version update

Android emulators for PC bring you the comfort and convenience of being able to run all your Android apps with keyboard, mouse, and big screen support. That is why software like Bluestacks, or even the new Nox App Player, are getting the time of day. If you want to move into the premium market, AMIDuOS from American Megatrends should be the way to go, especially as they have just updated the software and are bringing Lollipop into the picture.

Watch all five Galaxy Note models undergo a series of drop tests

What's more painful than watching a brutal drop test from a drone? Watch ten drop tests between all five Galaxy Note models in one video. TechRax is at it again testing not just one but five Notes in a series of side and front-facing drop tests. Not that we still need to know if the smartphones will shatter or not, we want to know how Samsung made every model better each year.

HERE adds one more country in city-to-city full transit coverage

While a lot of navigation apps available cater to those driving or riding private vehicles, as well as car rentals and services like Uber, there is a huge number of the population that actually use public transport and who still need an app’s guidance. That’s why apps like HERE that have a transit aspect are very important, especially if you’re not familiar with the schedule and means of public transport in a city. HERE has added one more country in their growing list of areas that have city-to-city full transit coverage.

Reports say Amazon scaling back on development of consumer devices

The Amazon Fire phone was a flaming failure, whether it was because of its price point or the less than impressive specs of the devices. While it didn’t really make a dent in the online retail store juggernaut’s finances, it may have affected their reputation as a producer of consumer devices. Reports are coming in that the company may be retrenching in some of their divisions, specifically those that work in Lab126, their hardware-development center where the Fire phone was developed.

Pocket app for Android updated with Recommendations

As if the stuff we see on all of our social media feeds are not enough, Pocket app's recent update includes a new Recommendations feature so you can see articles and videos you might be interested in or might have missed. On the Pocket app, you'll see a Recommended tab that features the items the app thinks you might want to read or view.
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