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Samsung GALAXY S 4 doubles iPhone 5’s benchmark scores

There's no doubt that the Samsung GALAXY S 4 is the most highly anticipated phones of the year, but how does it compare to the other phones on the market? Primate Labs decided to answer that question by performing a series of benchmarks. They benchmarked the Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One, LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S III (international and United States versions), Blackberry Z10, and of course the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile March 26th event to highlight major changes

T-Mobile is set to hold an event on March 26th in New York. T-Mobile will be making a lot of huge announcements at the events, many of which we have already heard about. We know that T-Mobile is planning on getting rid of phone subsidies, contracts, overages, and more. You can pay for your new smartphone in installments over the course of 25 months, and there will be more simplified plans for everyone.

Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue spec sheet leaks

The low-budget Android tablet market will be seeing another addition to the group. Huawei plans on releasing another low-end 7-inch tablet dubbed the Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue. The device was leaked by none other than EVLeaks. It appears that the device was certified back in February 22nd. It also appears that there may be two variants of the tablet released, although they will stay under the same name.

ASUS rumored to preview new Nexus 7 in May, new phone in June

Rumor has it that ASUS is planning on showing off a couple of new devices in the coming months. After launching the ASUS FonePad in April, ASUS is said to be previewing the next generation of Nexus 7s in May (most likely at Google's I/O conference), and launching a brand new phone in June. The rumors come from sources who tipped off Digitimes. The rumors don't seem far from the truth, however, because we already know that Google plans on launching a successor to its current Nexus 7.

Android 5.0 prematurely outed by Galaxy Note II tipster

Remember when I said that Samsung Galaxy Note II users are getting a plethora of good news today? Well add this onto the list. A Note II tipster has leaked an Android OS update schedule for several devices. Under the "To get Android 5.0" list, it shows that Samsung Galaxy Note II and Note II LTE owners will be updated to Android's latest OS in the future. Unfortunately the same can't be said for its predecessor, the original Samsung Galaxy Note.

Purple Samsung Galaxy S III may be heading our way

The Samsung Galaxy S III may soon be receiving a new color option, and not the color people have been asking for. This news comes from EVLeaks, who has been a great and reliable source for leaks in the past. The color will be called "Royal Purple" and it should be making its way to the United States come mid-April. But not only is it a strange color, the release comes just a couple of weeks before the Samsung Galaxy S IV rolls out to the market.

T-Mobile to finally launch 4G LTE network this month

After delaying its 4G LTE network month after month, T-Mobile looks like it will finally be launching its network by the end of this month. It's the last carrier to launch its LTE network, with AT&T and Verizon being miles ahead of the company. However, while Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T may already have their LTE networks up and running, T-Mobile one-ups them all by having both its HSPA+ and 4G LTE network on one chip, meaning its devices will have superior battery life compared to the LTE devices on other networks.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II receives major LTE/Jelly Bean update

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II users are getting a plethora of good news today. First comes news that T-Mobile plans on launching its 4G LTE network this month, and now news that their Samsung Galaxy Note II will not only get their LTE switches turned on, but they will also be receiving an update to their Android OS as well, adding a bunch of new features as well as improvements to performance.
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